Our TOP-SECRET recipe in 4 simple steps

TOP-SECRET recipe Michel et Augustin

Melt some INTENSE dark chocolate.
Warning: only 2 methods have been approved
by the kookie-club! The bain-marie OR 30 seconds
in the microwave. Delicately add knobs of fresh butter.
Mix to obtain a shiny, smooth texture.

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Remove from heat. Add eggs yolks
and mix briskly with your favorite
wooden spoon in small
circular motions. 

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Whip the egg whites with a pinch of salt
and add the sugar at the halfway point.
They should be very stiff and opaque.
Do a headstand with the bowl!
The egg whites don't move? Then they're ready.
Discover the kookie-club's 5 tips to perfectly
whippedegg whites every time, here.

Etape 3

Warning: this is THE key step to our
incredible dark chocolate mousse.
Blend the chocolate into the whipped egg whites
and delicately mix from the inside
out with a rubber spatula.
Chill for 7 hours and 43 minutes.
That's IT!

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