Find some fertile ground and unearth a job that excites you!

Warning: Keep calm. Don't panic. This is a complex, technical process that can take a bit of time.
It's not always easy to find the right path.

The proof? 5 jobs in 6 years for Augustin the Vanilladdict.
* Strategic analyst at Club Med for 1 year.
* First whack at starting a business (a funny story involving some polytechnicians).
* A certification in baking at his own initiative.
* 2 years at the European Marketing headquarters for Air France.
* Several trips around the world with his wife.
* To the point that everyone thought Augustin was an airline pilot ;)

It was time to put his feet back on the ground and take a trip… to Paris' 1,263 bakeries.

The TORRID path of a future kookie

To stack the odds in your favor, as well as in our own, we've concocted a kooky process comprised of 8 easy steps:

Complete your FULL application

Meet with Anne-Claire and Clémence

1 interview with a kooky few (they'll be snacks, too!)

A case study ;)

1 half-day immersion to observe our little kookie-club do what they do best

A moment of reflection to decide if this is indeed your job of a lifetime!

Respond yes or no to the following statements:

0/ I'm passionate about taste and I'd like to know all there is to know about Madagascar vanilla.
1/ This sector excites me.
2/ I'm looking for colleagues that are my friends.
3/ I like mixing work life with joy-for-life.
4/ I'm ready to reveal my INCREDIBLE talent.
5/ I really want to use my pastry certificate.

You have answered mostly yes.
BRAVO, you're a winner who was made for this job.
You've answered mostly no.
Keep calm. Don't panic. It's not always easy to find your way right off the bat. Take a breather, think it over and come back to us in 2 years. Most of all, don't hesitate to ask for advice from Anne-Claire and Clémence.

1 nice little breakfast with 3 or 8 of your favorite kookies

1 INTENSE exchange with Augustin and Michel

THE definitive phone call…

This could be you…

La tribu, c'est nous !