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A giant THANK YOU for your interest in our taste revolution. It means a lot to us. Recruiting is a complex, mysterious art.
And utterly important! For:

* You. You're choosing to embark on an adventure, to undertake a mission
that will fill up an large chunk of your time, of your energy, of your LIFE!
* Us. We're entrusting you with a key mission in developing this crazy adventure.
And you'll soon carry 1/71st of this nifty little project on your strong shoulders.
The kookie-club is a little bit kooky. A unique company culture keeps the pulse
of the Banana Farm beating on a daily basis, helping each and every one of us grow in an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

After 10 years of silence, Michel looks back at his experience as a job applicant.

Oh, memories...
« My first job was in New York. In June of 1999, I came back to France to look for consulting work. Before I knew it, summer was over. With everyone back to the grind, I began the job search, sending out applications on heavy paper in pink envelopes. The search dragged on. My first interviews finally began in October. I shook off rejection after rejection. By early December, I had yet to receive an offer. I began to panic. The following weeks of searching proved particularly long and tedious: the wait, the fear of rejection, the interviewers' questions about my grandmother. But lady luck arrived in the nick of time and I received 2 job offers at Christmas. FINALLY, I had a job! ». Did you manage to read this till the end? BRAVO. You're not only a reading champ but also a big FAN of Michel the author. Send an email to tonio@micheletaugustin.com and voilà ! A delicious petites baguettes, yours free for pick-up at the Banana Farm.