Times Square, New-york, Etats-Unis

These sweet nothings tickle our ears

I'm watching return of the Jedi , drinking rose and enjoying your cookie square ...
A lot Thanks tre bonne
Amy Sperber

I would like to know where I can find your products here in Texas. I tried them while living in Brussels and would love to have some here in Houston!  Let me know if there is a link on your website. I might have missed it.

Dear Big Boss of Adventure in United States,
I am from New York and visited Paris two weeks ago. I stumbled upon the Super Cookies Coeur Fondant and they were so delicious that I brought back six packages with me. I'm excited to discover that you are selling Michel et Augustin in New York. Can you please advise where they can be found in New York? I look forward to stocking up with many tasty snacks.
Thank you,

We are so excited that they are going to be available here! And it is so incredibly nice of you to send her something (she LOVES the ones in the blue box). Our address is below. Can't thank you enough!
Thank you!! Brenna Jones

I lived in Paris 2010-2013 and got addicted to your yoghurt (coconut, lime and certainly not the least, vanilla). Stop just talking about it and show up in Canada. Nothing as good here yet, sadly.

Where can I order your cookies from in the U.S.? A friend gave me a box and now I can't find them anywhere and even Amazon doesn't have them...Help please! I love them.  Blissful Wishes!!!!!!!,