#supersonicMission - chapter 3

URGENT AND LIVE. Our cookie squares sittin’ in a row
are flying off to 7’624 Starbucks, in 50 U.S. States!
We are looking for 50 kooky ambassadors supersonic* who can find them ;)

* A kooky cookie at heart = a friendly food-lover who lives in one of the 50 U.S. States
Chapter 2

From 25 to7'624 Starbucks in less than 201 days

It all started on June 22nd 2015, with a simple phone call from the GLOBAL assistant of the global CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz.

Since then? 2 successful test phases in 25, then 415 Starbucks in NYC, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia.

201 days later, GOOD NEWS!
Tomorrow, Tuesday January 5th 2016, at 7 am sharp, is the NATIONAL launch of our cookie squares sittin’ in a row.
You’ll find them in 7,624 Starbucks, in all 50 States, from Hawaii to Florida and all the way up to Alaska ;)

Every month, 32 million Americans push open the doors of a Starbucks. For us, it’s a BIG dream come true!
To let French pastry-making savoir-faire and the made in France seal shine the WORLD through.

«Slow and steady wins the race», says the kookie-club ;)

Re-experience the wild ride in 1:16 seconds!
Episode 1
Avis de recherche MONDIAL aux USA ;)
Episode 2
On y est presque... Mais pas encore !
Episode 3
On recentre nos recherches !
Episode 4
Personne n'y croyait et pourtant... On l'a FAIT !

A tiny issue…

At the Banana farm, our responsibility as OFFICIAL kooky cookie ? LIMITLESS ! We wear several hats:
1/ the one we wear every day for our job
2/ a pastry-chef’s hat
3/ and an area manager’s hat (or almost!). We try to check ALL our point of sales ;)

*To visit 25 Starbucks coffee shops on June 22nd 2015?
A piece of cake for us ;)
*To visit 415 Starbucks coffee shops on October 12th 2015?
We did it in 3 days, racking up 1’454 miles on the back of our supersonic cow ;)
*To visit 7’624 coffee shops?
It will be challenging for our small kookie-club! We’re going to need YOUR help..

Not sure you can recognize our cookie squares?
Contact our investigation team in France at +33 1 84 01 03 05 or in the USA +1 (646) 384-6496

Wanted Notice for all kooky ambassadors in the USA

You are OR you know a friendly kooky cookie at heart, who loves food and lives in 1 of the 50 U.S. States? We need YOU.

Your secret mission?

0/ Register as a supersonic ambassador (see below) and receive our swell kit!
1/ Set out on a cookie square hunt at Starbucks.
2/ Capture your encounter in 1 souvenir photo.
3/ Send it all to jeveuxbavarderaveclatribu@micheletaugustin.com

Are you in? Now go register!
Send to jeveuxbavarderaveclatribu@micheletaugustin.com, before Sunday January 10th:
Your last name + first name + postal address + phone number + a nice picture of YOU
Your supersonic ambassador kit will leave the Banana Farm on Monday January 11th with:
THE OFFICIAL kooky cookie apron + a tasty testing kit + a brief describing your mission.

official map of 50 kooky ambassadors in the US

So you can recognize the cookie squares, here are their distinctive features.
Character? Covered in a creamy dark chocolate ganache best known for its pinch
of salt OR slightly tart and never without its meringue bits.
Size? Between 4 and 4.5 cm on all sides.
Weight? About 4,3 g
Before leaving the Banana Farm, there were 4 of them, sittin’ in a row.

cookie squares

It’s your turn!

Examples of non-contractual pictures :

recognized in Philadelphia and Indianapolis too

For a supersonic project, you need a supersonic mobilization

Since June 2015, in Paris and NYC Banana Farms:

key figures

Remember it all!
Fridays, June 12th

frise petits carrés à la queue leu leu
The complete album

frise petits carrés à la queue leu leu
The complete album

To experience the VERY beginning of this INCREDIBLE tasty story with Starbucks all over again, this WAY

Find out how our cookie squares managed to conquer the heart AND the taste buds of Americans and 415 Starbucks cafés ;)

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