#AllezHowardunCafe - chapter 1

Charlotte and Hassan's incredible saga to get a meeting
with the Global CEO of Starbucks in Seattle. Thank you ALL ;)

Chapter 2

The incredible saga of #AllezHowardunCafe continues!

Remember? Three months ago, Charlotte and Hassan flew to Seattle to meet the GLOBAL CEO
of Starbucks and share a coffee and a cookie with him. It was the beginning of an incredible saga that
would be shared live with YOU and create thousands of participation and millions watched. THANKS.
Instagram pictures
Click HERE to experience it all over again. After a 1st test in 25 Starbucks locations
in New York and 10 in Paris on June 22nd, we are thrilled to continue the adventure with Starbucks in 414 cafés.
Starting October 6th, you will find packs of our 4 cookie squares sittin' in a row in Lemon meringue
and Dark chocolate with a pinch of sea salt flavors in 241 cafés in New York, 114 in Philadelphia and 59 in Indianapolis.

«Slow and steady wins the race», says the kookie-club. This is also an incredible opportunity to let our French pastry know-how
and our entrepreneurial spirit shine in the U.S.A. Once again, a giant THANK YOU to all of those
who helped and accompanied us in our incredible adventure.

The incredible saga of Charlotte and Hassan from Paris to Seattle

It all began Friday, June 12 at 5:53 pm…

Charlotte and Hassan
INCREDIBLE but true! Friday, Antoine, the Chief Banana Farm Officer in NYC gets a phone call from…
the Global Assistant of Howard Schultz, the GLOBAL CEO of Starbucks
(21,000 Starbucks, 66 countries, more than 50 million coffees served each week).
What do they want? Samples of our incredible creations for their executive committee MONDAY MORNING in Seattle.
FedEx? Mailman? No way! We’re bringing them ourselves ;)

Our goal?
To get them to taste our cookies right before our eyes. And to drink a coffee with Howard.
So with no further ado, we hop on a plane at 1:30 pm on Saturday June 13, flight AF 3622.
Destination SEATTLE, Starbucks GLOBAL headquarters.

Our mission?
To spread French-pastry savoir-faire to the USA ;) And to show the entire world "#PowerFrance"

Click HERE to understand it ALL and experience the epic saga in real time ;)

Experience the epic saga in 1:04 min ;)
Episode 1
Everything started, on Friday night!
Episode 2
From Paris to the airport on Saturday morning
Episode 3
It was in the plane,
while you were sleeping ;)

Episode 4
On Monday, we have a little problem...
Episode 5.1
Still on Monday, we thought it was OVER​

Episode 5.2
The relief
Episode 6
Our secret to take off with Starbucks

Episode 7
New twist...
Episode 8
Do you really think we are ready ? Sunday

we finally did it !

thanks to all of you thousands of you sent us your support
sweet nothings from social media official launch of our tasty creations in 25 Starbucks in New York City!

The FULL schedule of our crazy day, Monday, June 22, 2015 ;)

Our incredible mission?
To carry out the 1st life-changing delivery to 25 Starbucks in the heart of Manhattan, via a special kookie-club truck,
#AllezHowardunCafé, at 10 am and not a second late.

a torrid trip through customs

5:02 am - Charlotte, Hassan, William and Michel will get behind the wheel and take off from the Banana Farm for our secret cookie reserve in New Jersey.

6:33 am - 8 arms and 11 legs will load the truck to the roof with our tasty creations. With the kookies + Michel at the throttle, they will take to the road, to a new life and to the VERY 1st Starbucks!

Let's meet at 9:37 am at Starbucks, Upper Eat Side, at 76th St. and 2nd Ave., to drink THE 1st coffee of the rest of our life ;)

Discover the incredible itinerary of our special kookie-club, #AllezHowardunCafé HERE

Should you come face to cow with our truck, give us a wave or send us a photo!

12:01 pm extra sharp – 14:03 pm
The REAL Michel will be waiting for ALL of you at the Starbucks Time Square
(1585 Broadway, 47th street and Broadway, Time Square).

What's on the agenda?

    - Chit-chat with Charlotte and Hassan about their incredible saga From Paris to Seattle to NYC!
    - Dark chocolate and lemon meringue cookie square tasting while sipping a coffee or frappucino.
    - Big-screen viewing of EVERY episode of our incredible saga, also playing HERE
    - Photoshoot with Michel AND/OR Charlotte and Hassan who experienced the Howard saga first hand.
    - Live broadcast on Periscope of our crazy day.
    - Lift-off: Starbucks Time Square!

    Whisper #AllezHowardunCafé to your favorite partner in NYC and VOILA! a hug from Michel and something sweet to enjoy with your drink.

    And in the afternoon?

    The kookie-club will continue their delivery tour ALL day in NYC!

Find us in 25 incredible Starbucks in Manhattan

map of 25 Starbucks in NYC

And in France ?

For the VERY first time. Come celebrate the OFFICIAL launch of our very own creations at Starbucks with Augustin
and the kookie-club and experience our crazy New York Monday on a big screen. An incredible surprise awaits you ;)

The fun starts at 6:01 pm at Starbucks , Boulogne Billancourt (5, rue Tony Garnier, Les Passages shopping center).

Sneak-peek in NYC, next week Paris, thid stop London. The adventure continues ;)

Ils parlent de notre incroyable épopée !

EVERYTHING you need to know about June 23, aka our incredible Wednesday ;)

The whys and wherefores of this event?
Celebrate together the arrival of our creations in the Starbucks stores and welcome the kooky cookies just landed from NYC.

6.01 pm : Fan frenzy welcome for Charlotte, Hassan,
Amaury and Michel,
fresh off the plane from NYC.
Soldier salute and kookie sing-along ;)

Let’s meet at Starbucks Capucines,
3, Boulevard des Capucines in Paris.

On the agenda?

- Imminent launch celebration of our tasty creations
in 10 Starbucks in Paris
- Conclusion of Charlotte and Hassan’s crazy, epic saga video.
- Cookie square tasting while sitting in a row.
- Photoshoot with Michel AND Augustin
AND Charlotte and Hassan AND the kookie-club.
- Lift-off: Starbucks Capucines!
The kookie-club is waiting for you!

programme lancement Starbucks

And meet us in your favorite Starbucks stores...very VERY soon ;)

map of 10 Starbucks in Paris

Already in NYC, sneak-peek in Paris and oh-so soon in London. The adventure continues ;)

they talk about our incredible saga

In your favorite newspapers : Les Échos, le Parisien, Le Figaro, Challenge, La Tribune; On the web : CB News, La Réclame, Creapills, Il était une pub, e-marketing.fr, Meltyfood, Vous Facilite le web; On your screens and over the airwaves LCI, Europe 1, Radio Classique

THANK YOU all! It’s all because of YOU.
a torrid trip through customs