Official Grand Opening
Michel et Augustin

We’ve been perfecting our recipes to the peak of tastiness with our compatriots in France for 10 years. Now we're ready for an AMAZING new challenge:
to introduce our French pastry savoir-faire to your neighborhood!
Come to our Grand Opening on Thursday March 3rd

An easy way to find us!
Already nibbled in the US

*Super Cookies with melty middle *Cookies from France ;) *Petites baguettes *Mini cookies with melty middle
The incredible mousse *Double-sided 4-grain cookies *Puff palmiers extra-long butter cookies *Cookie squares totally squared ;)
Cookie squares actually rectangles *4 cookie squares sittin’ in a row *Shortbread cookies.

Since January 2015... Our adventure grows
* 1 Banana Farm at Gowanus, Brooklyn
* 1 warehouse in New Jersey
* 17 entrepreneur kooky cookies, including Augustin,
who took off for the US, wife and kids in tow ;)
* 500 + partner stores
(Fairway Market, Morton Williams, Gristedes)
* And also...

7 624 Starbucks

An incredible ”cherry on the cake” ;)

It all started on June 22nd 2015, with a simple phone call
from the GLOBAL assistant to the global CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz ;)

Re-experience the wild ride in 1:16 seconds!

Now, find us in 7,624 Starbucks, in all 50 States, from Hawaii to Florida and all the way up to Alaska ;)

Frise Michel et Augustin

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