Open house

1st Thursday of every month,
from 7 to 8pm, the Banana Farm* opens its doors.

Warning! Please expect:

* Cookie tasting – cookies GALORE
* Previews of our upcoming top-secret recipes – before they hit the shelves
* A chance to play the cookie lottery and win an on-site baking class
* A cookie club full of fun and kooky cookies
* Lots of charming French accents
* Music that makes you want to DANCE

Oh – and it’s free, of course! You are our guest.

And IF you would like to purchase boxes of cookies to bring back to your friends,
your family, your dog walker or your doorman, we can make that happen, too.



*Why do we call our office the Banana Farm? Come ask us in person!

See you REAL soon ;)

Banana Farm New York

98 4th Street,
Brooklyn NY 11231
Lost? Give us a call (646) 820 0935