Super Cookies with melty middle

Super cookies
David, fan ABSOLU du cookie coeur fondant My secret to staying in Olympic shape?
Waddling around and eating 6 melty middle cookies
per day. The more I nibble, the more weight I lose.
I have no idea why, but its TRUE ;)

Top dog of in-store tastings, #1 fan of melty middle cookies
and former karate champion. The proof is HERE.

Also available in NYC ;)

8 mars 2013. Merciii pour vos 3 062 avis !

The wonderful world of cookies on your smartphone's little screen here !

Dorothé fête l'arrivée de la recette pécan, caramel et chocolat noir !

Faites le plein de vaches à boire ;)

* Emilie, Nora, Christopher and Antoine filled up on cows. Your turn!