Never say never ;)
Today, you can find HERE
France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Tokyo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapour, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Seoul, Berlin, Munich and Moscow.
And what about England?
NOTHING. Impossible to find a single cow-to-drink or little round and good biscuits!
We thought we'd NEVER get there! And one day we FINALLY arrive in London. As if by MAGIC.
Not in 1 000, 100 but in 1 very nice store!
Meet us at Harvey Nichols!
Harvey Nichols 109-125 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RJ, England.
Have a look on our delicious products.
Palmiers allongés Petits sablés ronds et bons Petits carrés pas tout à fait carrés Petits cookies from France Feuilletés apéritif croustillants et bons 29 sablés apéritif ronds et bons
And HURRY UP! Who knows how long it will last ;)
An idea? A recipe? Want to feel 24/7 the torrid atmosphere of
the Banana plantation? Very easy. 4 options available to you!
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Live life!
La tribu
Michel et augustin / La Bananeraie, 151 rue de Billancourt / 92100 - Boulogne-Billancourt. Tel : + 33 1 53 28 26 40 / Fax : + 33 1 42 19 95 13 /
You sadly don’t want to receive our banana leaves any longer? Very sad, indeed. Get ready, here’s the deal.
Come and visit us at the banana plantation with a copy of your passport and Augustin
will proceed with your unsubscription. Or click here!
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