Dear taste-obsessed students,

You’ve decided to jump cow first into our swell and crazy adventure? Why, THANK you!
It’s SO nice of you to think of us ;) At the Banana Farm, time flies as fast as Petites Baguettes are devoured ;)
The kookie-club is often buried under banana sprouts and perilous missions. And HERE is the proof.

So here is a VeRY technical 9-step program to know
EVERYTHING about the adventure and the kookie-club:

1/ Take a stroll on our swell website and check out
« Twists and turns », « Our mission », « The taste ticklers », « Make the world smile », « simple and quality ingredients ».
You will find out everything there is to know about the vizier, the minivan as well as the first recipe for our little shortbreads.

2/ Take a peek at what the media are saying about Michel et Augustin by going clickety-click on « In the media ».

3/ Experience and follow in REAL TIME the Banana Farm’s TORRID happenings in « Random acts of kookiness »,
on our page, in our thread and in our account

4/ HERE you can download a magic kit with our swell logo and all the fixings for your
PowerPoint presentation ;), pictures of the kookie-club and our highlights,
as well as the best images of our adventure!

5/ Looking for the adventure’s key figures? Here they are, exclusively for you!
* 90 kooky cookies (Michel et Augustin’s employees)
* 3 Banana Farms (1 in Boulogne (near Paris, France),
1 in Lyon (France) and a brand-new one in New York since January 2015)
+ 4 banana trees (that Charlotte waters every day, with love)
* 5 product universes and 90 + creations that you can find in grocery stores,
big and small, as well as in restaurants, coffee shops, hotels…
* 3,500 + points of sale in France
* Our recipes, now available in 22 countries: Belgium, Switzerland,
Ireland, Luxemburg, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, United States, Singapore...
Find them RIGHT HERE
* A book of our swell recipes that came out in May 2010
(Marabout/Hachette) and can be found in any bookstore
* 1 Phénix Prize for communications in 2010, 1 Qualiweb trophy for
Consumer Relations in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 1 LSA Personality of the Year Prize in 2014
* 140,000 + Facebook fans and 26,000 Twitter followers
* 2014 sales of € 35 million, corresponding to a 44% year-on-year growth in 2014

However, the first few pages of our tax return are secret. So's the rest of it actually ;)

You have a bit more time? The segment on Michel et Augustin which aired on the French TV show
Capital on January 9th 2011 is available at the Banana Farm!

You are several miles away from a Banana Farm? Don’t panic.
Go to our Youtube channel to discover our amazing conferences and find
out EVERYTHING there is to know about our tasty adventure.

Still have questions? Want to chat LIVE with the kookie-club?
Come to the Banana Farm's Open House on the 1st Thursday of every month, from 7 to 8:30 pm.
Watch out. Space is limited. You have to register 1 week prior on our swell website.

And if friendly cows are blocking the road and you can’t make it, you can always
attend our WORLDWIDE conference call, every Wednesday at 6 pm! What’s it about?
We gather students’ requests to keep questions and knowledge organized ;)
Call Justine at +33 01 74 71 49 89 and dial the VERy secret code 781450.

8/ For the BIG day (your presentation, final project), 1 small tasting kit + flyers
have to be picked up at the Banana Farm in Boulogne or Lyon. Don’t hesitate to
influence the jury by wearing your swell cow costume! We promise that it already worked ;)

9/ Once you’re done with the test, don’t hesitate to share your impressions and your cookie cravings with us!
Send us sweet nothings at + a few pictures from your presentation!
And if you’re interested in organizing a BIG Michel et Augustin conference at your school with 1 member of the kookie-club
and 402 + people ready to raise the roof, we’re THRILLED to help you out!
Drop us a line at

Good luck! You’re the best!