OFFICIAL kookie integration

Our genuine initiation process to transform and acclimate, held at the Banana Farm!

The program:

* A day of visits to our points of sale with the field team.
* Visits to our manufacturing partners and logistical sites.
* The OFFICIAL pledge to the banana tree ;)
* Cooking workshop to introduce the kookie-club to your grandmother's recipe.
*"Kookie Jeopardy" (THE quiz on the history of the taste revolution).
* OFFICIAL presentation of your personalized apron and your keys to the Banana Farm.
* Meeting with your mentor, glamorous photo shoot with Anne-Laure and addition of your face to the kookie-club's photo!
* Open house every 1st Thursday of the month, of course.
*And a field trip to the GIANT cow!

N'en achetez pas !

One of our first ad campaign ideas.

What do you think?
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Please don't tell our friend Jacques Séguéla ;)

Please note: This INTENSE tasting could very well be part of the RIGOROUS integration process.