The Smart Cookie Series

Our Dream?

Here at the Banana Farm, we strongly and passionately believe in looking OUTWARDS.
What does it mean? It’s very simple:
1/ Staying attuned to new ideas
2/ Listening to feedback
3/ And giving back to the community

In a nutshell – all things that keep us INSPIRED every single day!
In this spirit, we proudly present our Smart Cookie Series ;)

Every two months, we invite a (VERY) smart cookie to come to
the Banana Farm to have a cookie (or two) and share his or her
experience in helping make the world a better – and KOOKIER – place!

Join us

You (yes, YOU) are cordially invited to the next fabulous installment of the Smart Cookie Series in NYC!

Coming soon
Coming soon
The Smart Cookie Series - Florian Bellanger

A bit of history…

This kooky event started in France a looooong time ago… We’ve had some
exceptionally smart cookies come by the French Banana Farms.
Pastry chefs, thinkers, writers, changemakers, innovators of ALL kinds. INSPIRATIONS!

Other smart cookies who visited the Banana Farm in NYC

TONS of smart cookies have also visited us in France!

Et aussi
Samuel Le Bihan, Actor / Julie Andrieu, Culinary journalist / Nicolas Bergerault,
Co-founder of Atelier des Chefs / James Averdieck, Founder of Gû / Jacques-Christophe Blouzard,
Co-founder of Wonderbox / Pascal Mièvre, Grocer / Philippe Bloch, Founder of Columbus Café /
Pierre-Christophe Baguet, Mayor of Boulogne-Billancourt / Yves Jego, French Secretary of State for Oversees Departments /
Nagui, TV personality who just happened to stop by / Olivier Baussan, Founder of Occitane / Olivier Bon, Co-founder of the Experimental Cocktail Group / Cyril Lignac, Michelin-starred chef / Patrick Lelay, CEO of TF1 / Pierre Kosciusko Morizet, Co-founder of Priceminister / Miss France, who had a sudden craving for our little round shortbread cookies… / Jean-Claude Puerto, Founder of Ucar / Shirley et Dino, Comedians / Alexis Kryceve, Founder of Alter Eco / Philippe Thobie, Marketing Director for Monoprix / Daniel Kurbiel, President and founder of Polaar cosmetics / Frédéric Mazzella, Founder of Blablacar / Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, President of Virgin / Hapsatou Sy, Founder of Ethnicia / Guillaume Gibault, Founder of Slip Français.

Who will be the next EXCEPTIONAL guest?

Un moment unique entre une personnalité et 250 invités au coeur de la Bananeraie !