Get pastry-certified with us
Pastry class #1

Le montage d’un entremets type fraisier

To your whisks!
Pastry class #2

PURE ambition. Oh, and a strawberry sponge cake... a.k.a. a "fraisier" ;)
We came prepared with our homework
a génoise! But that was only the beginning.

Crème mousseline: check. Crème pâtissière: check.
Syrup for the génoise? Check.

Fresh fruit? Yep. Now let's put it all together...

The marzipan had to be colored, cut and
placed ever-so-carefully on top only the next day...
with Mélodie coaching us by Skype!
Ahhh, the wonders of modern technology ;)

Pastry class #2