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Get pastry-certified with us!

The why of the how of this amazing project!

Pastry-making is our passion, BIG TIME. Every week, the Banana Farm's kitchen transforms into a gourmet lab for developing tasty new creations. Charlotte, Mathilde and Dorothée work on simple, delicious recipes full of real taste.

Cooking our next shortbreads

To get started, we roll up our sleeves in search of the perfect recipe.
Next, kookies, friends and family gather around the banana tree for a tasting session,
to approve the flavor, texture and chosen ingredients…
Then comes a second torrid tasting with our Banana Farm Open House guests.
Finally, it all comes down to the FATE-FUL verdict: whether or not our creation reaches the highest heights of taste for YOU ;) Next stop, your cupboard or fridge.

A focus group at the Banana Farm

Come take part in this incredible pastry experience.
Looking for a job or perhaps to change fields? Got an incredible pastry idea?
Lacking the solid, certified training needed to jump cow-first into the working world?
Get pastry-certified with us!


The happy winners will receive

1 YEAR (78 hours) of training, or 26 three-hour classes with Fernando, our resident pastry coach, at the Banana Farm.
Class every Monday and Tuesday night from 7 to 10 pm, at our Banana-Farms-turned-coaching-centers.

+ Practice exam - April 2015
+ Real exam for the French CAP (Certificat d'Aptitude Professionnelle Pâtissier) diploma - May-June 2015
+ A REAL pastry-maker's briefcase
+ A regulatory uniform

Classes begin October 2014!
The goal? To prepare you for
the torrid CAP pastry exam in June 2015.

On the agenda for this INTENSIVE training :

* Pastry lab, production planning and hygiene, quality, safety and maintenance procedures.

* Ingredients and how they are managed, conserved and enhanced: whole flour,
white flour, yeast, dairy products, oils and butter, eggs, sugar, chocolate, water, salt, fruit and more.

* Preparation and techniques: pâte à foncer, pâte sablée, pâte levée, pâte battue, pâte crémée,
choux pastry, puff pastry, sweet bread, petits fours, pastry creams, butter-based and English-style pastries.
Icing and finishing with chocolate or confectioner's sugar.
And, of course, decorating!

puff pastry

Got a question? Call Margaux at +33 (0)1 84 01 03 05.

Pastry-certified or on their way

Diplômés du CAP pâtissier ou en devenir à Paris
Diplômés du CAP pâtissier ou en devenir à Lyon

The happy winners of our training

Les heureux gagnants de notre formation

Pastry coaches

Les coachs pâtissiers

Augustin, baking-certified

Augustin pastry-certified