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class n°24 - Monday, April 20th
Tutti frutti lemon meringue pie!

class n°23 - Monday, April 14th

Cours n°22 - Monday, March 23rd
Paris-Brest and Royal pastries Joconde cookies and
chocolate Bavarian cream

class n°21 - Tuesday, March 17th

class n°20 - Monday, March 16th
3rd mini test for
our pastry chefs in training!
Mille-feuille pastries

class n°16 - Monday, March 9th

class n°18 - Monday, February 23rd
Mastering icing
and finishing éclairs
Creating a perfect
peach cream cake

class n°17 - Monday, February 16th

class n°16 - Monday, February 23rd
Making brioches and pains aux raisins or pains au chocolat ;) Brioches parisiennes, pure butter croissants
and pains au chocolat

class n°15 - Monday, February 2nd

class n°14 - Monday, January 26th
Brioche and puff pastry Extra-fluffy brioche

class n°13 - Monday, January 19th

class n°12 - Monday, January 12th
2nd mini test for
our pastry chefs in training!
Puff pastry, king's galette
and apple turnovers!

class n°11 - Monday, January 6th

class n°10 - Monday, December 15th
Religieuses, éclairs
and mastering the art of fondant!
Whipped cream éclairs and caramel salambos

class n°9 - Monday, December 8th

class n°8 - Monday, December 1st
Éclairs and salambos 1st mini test for our
pastry chefs in training!

class n°7 - Monday, November 24th

class n°6 - Monday, November 17th
Chocolate tarts, almond pear tarts and apple pie Pie crust: pâte sucrée,
pâte sablée, pâte à foncer!

Cours n°5 - Wednesday, November 12th

Cours n°4 - Monday, November 4th
Fruit mousse and chocolate mousse with caramelized pears Creating a Charlotte-style
cream dessert

class n°3 - Wednesday, October 29th

class n°2 - Monday, October 20th
Creating a strawberry cream cake Sponge cake, lady fingers and incredible choux pastry

Class n°1 - Monday, October 13th
Start of class for the kooky cookies!