Dear English friends!

Le bananier, Michel et Augustin, la Bananeraie, la kangoo

Here we are : the 2 kooky French guys… Michel has 2 houseplants, 1 bike and not much hair left and Augustin has 1 blue Kangoo van*, 5 baby seats and an uncontrollable tuft in his fringe.

*sold :(

We are actually a strange cookie club made up of men and women, kooky cookies, sensitive to numerous causes, big, medium and small, for which we ACT: Entrepreneurship everywhere, the importance of manual know-how, attention to others, the sense of effort…

Michel and Augustin in the kitchen
Our adventure

At the Banana Farm, our dream is to make the planet smile, by concocting tasty recipes,
with natural and high quality ingredients AND by sharing the daily life of our human, rather crazy adventure, 100% true !

Some official figures of our kooky adventure ;)

kooky adventure

Our twists and turns ;)
History Michel and Augustin
Our tasty creations

The quality of our yogurts (big and small) and yogurts-in-a-bottle,
our little round butter cookies, our cookie squares (actually, rectangles),
our petits cookies from France and ALL our recipes is the absolute PRIORITY of the ENTIRE Banana Farm. Augustin is a quality fanatic.
Michel is, too. Every week, our tasting committee scrutinizes a sample of the latest production batch of every product.
And we test other samples of the same products that are halfway through their shelf life.

Where can you unearth our recipes ?

we are also available

Our delicious recipes


Random acts of kookiness 
In the UK ?

Agathe the POWER

The whole kookie-club is in a hurry to share its PASSION for French pastry and its little recipes with YOU the Londoners!
HELP Agathe! Any suggestions of nifty shops where you would love to find our cookies? Send her a mail at !

In the rest of the world ?

The adventure Michel and Augustin

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